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We bridge between Japan and Europe to create iconic brands for resilient growth 

Asian gate

We create meaning and value for your Business, Service and People

Corporate Branding

Stakeholders, both internal and external, seek a clear idea of WHY you exist beyond profit.  


Building purpose is the process of finding the compass for an organisation's growth strategy, which means building a business strategy from a brand and customer perspective. 


This activity helps to identify and seize new opportunities, to navigate changes, to attract talent and invariably results in many further benefits.  

Customer Experience

Customer experience is more than good service. It is creating a coherent customer journey that aspires to delight customers, and to convert them to be strong advocates for your brand.  


We identify the key moments to give your brand momentum and guide you to create a virtuous cycle.  

Brand Localisation

When a brand moves out of its home country and into a new market, you need to go beyond language translation, e.g. changing usability and communication. 


We analyse both the information and sentiments to help your brand speak across social, cultural and psychological borders.

Brand-led Innovation

If you don’t continue to innovate, your business will plateau and growth will stall. We collaborate with you to create new products and services that are customer-centred and guided by brand value and promise.  


You will reimagine your business and shift the competitive landscape in today's ever-changing world. 




We were particularly impressed by the depth and level of detail of the rebrand - this was not just a new logo.


Base East helped us to identify and fully understand the brand’s purpose, proposition and personality, and how it matched with our target market. This helped to inform all of the other decisions on a new brand name, visual identity, and tone of voice.

Ultimately, this rebrand enabled us to reposition ourselves in the market, increase our prices, and film weddings all across the world for high-profile clients and celebrities.

Brendan Granger, co-founder of Thompson and Granger Films 

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