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Thomspson Granger Films

Thompson Granger Films, wedding film company

Brand Strategy, Name, and Creative services


'Sugerfish Productions' needed to reach target customers for business growth.

What we did:

To succeed in repositioning the brand, articulating the purpose, offerings and personality with the founders was a critical process. The key was to keep the brand relevant to the wedding market while not limiting itself to it, as they were willing to expand services for the commercial market in the future. We decided to build the brand around the purpose of ‘enduring bonds through storytelling'. The process naturally gave them a gentle nudge to use their name in the new brand. We also defined the tone of voice from brand personality; sophisticated and clean, classic but unexpected. Brand guidelines and visual identity were delivered to ensure consistent brand communication.



After the re-branding, they started reaching their ideal customers, and word of mouth has been increasing. The company keeps growing, and they recently marked their 8-year anniversary. They continue to capture the moments of happy couples, not only in the UK but also in 14 countries and tell profound stories for life.


Global FMCG brand

Research and Insight services (Brand Localisation)


A leading FMCG company needed to refresh the packaging design of its core beverages

product for the first time in five years. The objective was to stay top of consumers’ mind across global markets including Japan, which is one of their top 10 markets.


What we did:

We unpacked how the brand elements, (e.g., name, logo, colour and images) are currently creating a value proposition and personality in relation to consumer drivers to buy in Japan, e.g., health consciousness, simplicity and playfulness.


We conducted benchmarking analysis for systems of design variants including non-category competitors. This encouraged divergent thinking and helped our client discover consumers’ unique relationships with cartoon characters.



We helped ideate the new creative direction to grow its brand equity with Generation Alpha in the Japanese market, by moving from a carbonated drink brand to a brand to spark a day.

The insight gave the client confidence in the direction to explore further, as well as an influential way of creating a unified experience for their customer.  

Using Digital Gadget

Global Auto Brand

Research and Insight services (Customer experience)


A renowned global auto manufacturer wanted to increase uptake of their financing in global markets including Japan. 


What we did:

The objective of the project was to understand its intrinsic value proposition of the service and best approach to give confidence for customers to choose their services. Through our research, we identified the current shopper journey, explored intrinsic value, awareness and how these are compared to other players and identified gaps between the current online contents and customers’ needs. 



Our research enabled our client to clearly understand the both functional and emotional benefits of different financing offers available in the markets as well as to identify key customer journey phases and marketing messages to convert customers to their services.  

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