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We bridge between Japan and Europe to create iconic brands for resilient growth.


By translating insights into actionable strategies, stories and designs, we create iconic corporate, product, service brands that appeal to the head and the heart.


Our unique approach is infused with eastern/Japanese values. And, kindness to the earth and people are the backbone of Base East.


We have a wealth of experience in Brand Strategy, Brand Localisation, and Hospitality Branding.

Shiho Kuroki

Founder, Growth partner

With 15+ years’ experience in branding and strategy, she believes in the power of brands.  


She uses branding as a driving force for people's heads and hearts, changes their behaviour and ways of thinking and business; branding is capable of providing solutions for a wide range of business challenges. It’s the magnet that sticks your visions to reality. 


She wishes to be a bridge between Japan and Europe so that she leaves the world more optimistic than she found it; fewer brands lost in translation and more brands delivering delights. 


Earlier in her career, she worked for Landor & Fitch, Interbrand and C Space. She has worked across sectors, with clients spanning utilities to technology and hospitality. 

She holds an MBA from IE Business School, Spain and an MSc in Brand Leadership from the University of East Anglia, the UK.


Travel is a source of inspiration, and she has visited and been inspired by the nature and culture of more than 60 countries. 


Base East's asset is a network of brand specialists who deeply understand distinctive social, cultural and phycological contexts in Japan and Europe.


They are the ones with who Shiho has been building trust and friends she pays respect to.

We are a global but local network to lead your growth ambition. 


Akmal Asghar, strategy director / London

Two Nguyen (Handscollective), creative director / Vietnam

Base East Value

East is a relative direction. Wherever you are, you can always go further east.  

It’s often a venture into another horizon, wave and pathway where you can find something that inspires you.

It is also a joyful journey to the optimistic world.

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